NAE and Artspace Boan1942:Director’s Talk

2017-18 UK/Korea Season
Here, There and Everywhere Cross Cultural Residency Program

Exhibition Program
Point of Connection:
[A Tale of Two Doppelgangers_Directors Talk: Skinder Hundal__ New Art Exchange + Sung Woo Choi__Artspace Boan1942]

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_Date_2018. 5. 24. 4PM

Skinder Hundal (Director, New Art Exchange)
Sung Woo Choi (Director, Artspace Boan1942)

_Location_  Artspace Boan1942, B2 33 Hyojaro Jongno Seoul_ T. 02. 720. 8409


본 프로그램을 진행한 한국과 영국의 두 기관 대표들이 각 기관이 구축해온 이야기들과 서로간에 같이 응시한 지점과 도플갱어 같이 공유한 기관의 유사점들을 이야기 합니다.
We invite you to join us on the 24th of May for the talk between the two directors of each organization.

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